Joint diploma programme MA "Linguistics" (the programme "Foreign Language of Professional Communication and Specialised Translation") in Institute of the World Economy and Business


Joint diploma programme

MA in Foreign Language of Professional Communication and Specialised Translation


General information

The programme "Foreign Language of Professional Communication and Specialised Translation" is designed to provide students with theoretical and practical knowledge and skills, which can be used for communication in professional settings, translation and interpreting, as well as for teachers and professionals in Economics, Management and Business.
The programme is meant not only for linguists but also for other speciality diploma holders (bachelor's, master's or specialist's degrees).
Master’s Programme "Foreign Language of Professional Communication and Specialised Translation" is a great opportunity for students to acquire useful skills of oral and written communication in business and professional environment, including computer-based translation of business documents, economic and financial texts full of professional terms. After completing the programme the students will be able to work as teachers of foreign languages and/or translators/interpreters that will increase their employability.
The programme includes a required practice in translation for Russian and foreign companies.
The programme is based on the state-of-the-art methodology of ESP, as well as Russian and foreign theories of translation used in training specialists of top qualification. Masters of Linguistics are primarily employed in teaching wide range of linguistic, philosophical and culturological disciplines in educational institutions; or they also can work as translators, researchers, employees in media and other Russian and international companies. Some master's degree holders opt for the post-graduate course. The programme is aimed at:
- improving professional communication (two languages);
- developing skills in translating professional texts;
- training specialists in specialised translation (Economics, Management and Business) - mastering oral or written communication with professionals in two foreign languages;
- fostering skills in unassisted specialised translation from Russian into a foreign language and vice versa.
Master’s Programme studies
The Programme comprises general theoretical and professional disciplines, which will equip students with knowledge needed both for practical work and research.

These subjects are to assist students' insight into professional issues but also build their analytical, consulting, scientific and pedagogical skills. The curriculum also includes seminars, workshops, panel discussions, master classes, participation in Russian and international scientific and practical conferences.

Students enrolled in the programme can take the opportunity to join a dual diploma (PFUR and London Metropolitan University), or/and have a training course abroad (Great Britain, Germany, Spanish, China or France).
Innovative activity is one of the priorities in the Master’s Programme. So, the curriculum covers:
- Interrcultural Business Communication;
- Methodology of Foreign Languages Teaching in Non-Linguistic Universities;
- Professional Communication Practice (first and second foreign languages);
- specialised translation ( Economics, Finance, Business and Management) with English as the first foreign language, and French, German, Italian, Spain or Chinese as the second one according to the student's choice;
- computer-based translation with the use of SDL TRADOS , which enables translators to optio:pmise the process due to Translation Memory technology and unified Termbase; theories of translation;
- practice in translation in the UK, etc.


London Metropolitan University MA Translation
Autumn Semester
LNP040C : Theoretical Issues in Translation
Translation Theory ( Autumn semester year 1)
LNP041C : Characteristics of non literary texts
' Theory and Practice in Specialized Translation (Autumn semester year 1)
LNP042C : The Translator & Translation Tools
Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) in Translation (Autumn semester year 1)
LNP076C: The Translator & the Specialised Text 1
Issues of Specialised Translation (Autumn semester year 1)
Spring Semester
Theory and Practice in Specialized Consecutive Interpreting ( Spring semester year 1)
Choice of one of the following :
Translator's Annotation of Specialised Texts ( Spring semester year 1)
LNP077C: The Translator & the Specialised Text 2
Theory and Practice of Intercultural Business Communication ( Spring semester year 1)
LNP046C: Work Placement
Translation Analyses of Specialised Texts /Abstract Translation of Specialized Texts (Autumn semester Year 2)
LNPP78C: Independent Translation Project
Professional Editing of Specialised Texts/ Computer Linguistics/ Translation of Business Documents ( Autumn year 2)
Summer Study Period
LNPP79C Independent Research Project


Our students benefit from being taught by the best teachers, lecturers and professors of the Foreign Languages Department of PFUR Economics Faculty, visiting professors of the leading Russian universities (Lomonosov MSU, MGIMO) and specialists of language-service agencies.
The graduates are awarded Master of Linguistics degree certified by state-recognised diploma, the speciality is "Foreign Language of Professional Communication and Specialised Translation".
The programme is a great opportunity:
- to obtain higher education of international standards;
- to be awarded dual diploma (PFUR and London Metropolitan University);
- to combine work and studies;
- to se t a flexible schedule of studies and professional activity;
- to have work placement in the UK companies (London);
- to enter Phd course at PFUR after graduating MA programme
The programme is a good alternative to a second higher education
For those who have already been awarded specialist or bachelor's diplomas the Master‘s Programme is a faster and higher quality alternative to a second professional education, the degree which is recognised abroad.
Market needs orientation
The programme is notable for its practical approach. Most classes cover specialised disciplines. On these grounds the programme is aimed at meeting employers' needs and requirements.
The students have an opportunity to do the preparatory course and then take Cambridge Exams, confirming their language knowledge level according to global educational standards.
Career Enhancement
The programme equips students with fundamental knowledge of relevant fields of science and applied professional skills, which contribute to our students' career enhancement.
Entry requirements
The admission decisions are made on the basis of entry test.
We make our admission decision on a competitive basis.
Classes have 8-10 students and are held 3 days a week.
The duration is 2 years.
The terms of education are stipulated in the contract made between students and the University.

Head of the Programme "Foreign Language of Professional Communication and Specialised Translation" is Elena Malyuga, Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Doctor of Philology, Full Professor,
Chair of the Foreign Languages Department of Economics Faculty of Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Chairperson of the Business and Vocational Foreign Languages Teachers National Association

Contact telephone number: (495) 434-53-56; 8-925-585-67-46 (Head of the Programme)